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Insolvency and Reorganization.

“In the face of crises and difficulties, we preserve their heritage.”

  • Identification of the debtor company’s situation, strategy and actions
  • Preservation of the assets, delimiting the scope of responsibility as administrator.
  • Negotiation and deployment of pre-bankruptcy actions: adoption of preventive measures, recovery and/or protection of assets, prior actions to be carried out on the assets of creditors and guarantors.
  • Negotiation and formalization of refinancing operations with bank pool and/or commercial creditors.
  • Out-of-court settlement agreements.
  • Preparation of application for voluntary or compulsory bankruptcy liquidation, complementary documentation and defence in case of application for liquidation against you.
  • Preparation of an application for corporate reorganization in bankruptcy, which allows for agreement with creditors on the strategy and plan of action to avoid the closure of the company or the conclusion of the person’s business.
  • Management and preparation of the bankruptcy procedure with the required scope of its procedural stages.
  • Attendance and representation at meetings of creditors.
  • Elimination of personal and business liability records in the commercial database.