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Ana María Sordo

Abogada / Lawyer

Lawyer graduated in Real Estate and Urban Law from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, specialist in real estate and registry law.

Acting notary of Valparaíso, substitute notary and substitute real estate conservator, also practicing as real estate consultant lawyer.

Extensive knowledge in the development and study of real estate projects.

Academic training 2019: Diploma in Pontifical Real Estate Law and Business Universidad Católica de Chile, approved with a grade of 6.4. 1994: Obtaining the title of lawyer. 1987-1991: Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. 1984-1985: SSCC French Nuns, Viña del Mar 1983: Juan Ignacio Molina School, Talca 1980-1982: SSCC French Nuns, Viña del Mar 1974-1979: Santa Cruz School, Temuco

Secretary, Susana Hernández: operations@erzu.cl

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